8 May 2011

Some goes Tropical - Cafe Lounge @ Panoply!

Sometimes good things are just a "Hello" away: While touring with my bike I met Nepal Zirgar - as soon-to-be friend of mine - at a ski-lift at Wengen. She invited me to see her club "Cafe Lounge" at Panoply, a beautiful tropical island!

Needless to mention that I just love tiki bars!

Drows don't get tanned btw. nor do we bleach. Our skins just turn "outch!" But I still like sunbathing.

There are many nice places to chill at Panoply.

Once I have started taking photos it was hard to stop. There so many things to discover... Nepal indeed made her own little paradise here. And she never stops adding more gems to it. Its such a lovely, romantic spot...

Now guess who of us is holding a speed record?

The big concert stage. Please note the guitar pillow on the chair - pretty cool.

Spectacular but tasteful - the rentals at Panoply.

There are rumors this island was a pirate hideout not too long ago...

They left some pretty tasty treasures though.

No! This time it wasn't me - I swear!

Teaching Miss Parrot some new Drow-swearwords.

Of course the cave here is a favorite of mine.

Drinks are free here btw. As well as fruits, sunshine and lots of high spirits!

Its not being lazy - I'm saving energy!

Cafe Lounge is a place which really stands out from the mass of Second-Life's hangouts. Its made with so much taste and attention to detail. A place for romance, exploring and simply chilling in a great tropical atmosphere.

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  1. Ahh... a wonderful place in SL. And your pictures capture it beautifully.