19 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 18

Doing a closer look at Acorn Valley it turned out that the Village isn't inhabited by Elves at all but rather by... better you see by yourself:

Elsa - Acorn Valley - its not that suprising that this shop is called Chipmunk Fashion. More surprising is the name of the owner: Slayer Szwarz.

A "Spa for Tiny avatars" - no I haven't driven them off from it!

Clinker - getting back to the road just to see it end again...

 ...well not completely: It just got a bit more... adventurous.

Pouncival - seems the end of the road is indeed not far this time...

As you can see the road does a loop before returning to the junction at Pouncifal. Seems I have to find another path after getting there for the next stage of journey. Hmmm the road continues down south...
But first I finished the loop of course. Unfortunaltely someone mixed my bike with a taxi... and it isn't event yellow!

Have I mentioned I dont like it when people just jump on my bike? I usually don't move it an inch then - as I did here. The least thing you can do is ask before. Asking can even lad to a thing called "conversation"!

Today's route was rather short (I could this time even zoom in that close to see the sim-names!) but it was still pretty interesting. Where my tour will lead me next of back in the south or to the north... we will see :-)

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