18 July 2013

Summer Silliness!

Now this is one of the things I do when I should actually do something else :p

It's alive! And it wants your love!!!

Time for some mad science! On my daring experiments far outside the cozy and safe realms of the usual scientific research I was able to give life to... well yeah. A Voodoo Doll!!

Hug it or shoot it, up to you ;-)

Beware! It will hunt you forever - or till it found somebody else :p

For this cute little Voodoo Doll I combined several full perm freebies: Aley's Voodoo Doll, a stone-old "Free Hugs"-sign and a zombie script, so it actually takes damage when shot at ;-)

Feel free to distribute it as you like. Just don't take money for it.

Anyway, I am in the process of learning blender currently. So be patient about news and new releases. The new products will come and they will be better than anything else I did so far :-)

You can get it here and here!

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