1 April 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XIV

Back in Bay City I found out that I have missed more interesting spots on my way out than expected. I would have seen much more if I hadn't simply headed flatout eastwards - but that comfortable and straight road was simply too tempting...
Shermerville was rather a disappointment. It consists of residential Sims with mostly rather common buildings.Not too thrilling but here and there you find some curiosities...

Shamwari /me inspects the mssing parts of the shack and thinks they have pretty big and high jumping sharks here

Shermerville - I hope you can read!

West Haven - they worship the god of relaxation at this temple I assume.

West Haven - 75? In an urban area? And I guess you're allowed to drive drunken too...

After crossing the bridge back to downtown Bay City I wanted to see more of the city. It is visually pretty appealing - if they just had more rezz zones!

Sistiana - meeting someone at Bay City who actually lives there - wow!

After RudyB showed me a place where I can park my bike we continued our chat at his apartment. A pretty stylish place.

Sistiana - ok, its a bit derelict but flies well. And it even has a harpoon - for hunting flying whales - I guess...

North Channel - Bay City Fairgrounds - yummy!

The Bay City Fairgrounds seem to be a perfect spot for a spontaneous party. It even has a decent music stream if you like oldies. It doesn't seem to see many visitors though.

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  1. RudyB Resident1 April 2011 at 19:23

    Hey, thanks for your visit. I really enjoyed our chat and it's a hoot to be featured in your diary.