3 March 2013

Impressions from the Festival of Steam

Steampunk everywhere! The Festival is in full flight now, stuffed with exhibitions and events - some great artists are represented here!

A Time Machine! I remember the film after H. G. Wells novel as one of my earliest encounters with Steampunk - even if I had no idea about that term back then.

If you don't know what it is but it looks cool: call it art!

I guess this is the Nikola Tesla memorial garden - fabulous!

There are a few golden rules about creating Steampunk machines. An important one is: It doesn't needs to fulfill any purpose as long as it moves, rattles, steams, buzzes, blinks and has lots of gears!

Now thats a cool steam locomotive!

War of the Worlds? At least it looks a lot like a Martian war machine.

Bryn Oh has her own exhibit stage featuring an alien world at the SL Planetarium.

As much as it fits to the exhibit, this telescope is a regular exhibit at the Planetarium.

Making Emma an offer she can't refules at vendor at the Steampunk Marketplace.

I really love these electro-installations!


Steamy! The racetrack for the Steampunk-vehicle race on March 6th.

Here is your ticket to the Festival. Plan to spend some time there and watch out for dropping jaws ;-)

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