17 March 2013

Evil Easter Cuteness: Easter Basket Gag!

I know: On the first glance easter has not really much to do with BDSM - but its all a matter of perspective. And this cute little gag takes bondage from a lighthearted and fun side!

The Easter Basket Gag has everything you know from the other Sunshine Technology products. Thoroughly tested low-lag scripts with an intuitive menu, colour changing options, full RLV functionality, time-lock and great looks!

But thats not all: The Basket Gag also features a fun and unique Egg-Lock option. If this feature is enabled, the Gag only unlocks after all eggs are taken from the basket. Of course the sub can't take the eggs by her/himself - a fun starting point for some evil RP-ideas ;-)

The Gag's feature include:

  • Egg Lock: Give away Eggs to get Free!
  • TimeLock (Public and Wearer Only modes)
  • Colour and Shine Menu to customise the look
  • Keyholder system (Leave the keys without unlocking the Gag)
  • Low lag scripts
  • Garbler (with selectable levels)
  • Opening and Closing Padlocks
  • Super cute for Easter!
  • RLV Features (requires compatible viewer) 
  • Locking (No detach)
  • Chat redirection to Garbler (No need to type /3 for the garble function!).

You can find the Basket Gag at the Sunshine Technology Inworld Store or at the Marketplace.

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