27 February 2015

New Shoregate Battle Balloon Tournament - Round 2 Results!

Was the first battle already a success, this time has been really a blast (no pun intended)! I didn't expect that we would actually hit the 20 Avatar-limit of the sim (hard to believe, but New Shoregate is a homestead after all!) - but we did!

So we had no less than ten (10!) battle balloons circling and firing at each other! How great is that? The amount of lag was surprisingly low. At least on my end: I barely noticed the notorious rubber-band effect or delays when steering. Not bad at all for a sim both at its prim- and avatar-limit!

Also a big thank you to Randy Quander again for the spectacular photos!

Ok, enough rambling, here the results:

Winner of the 1st Round: Some (thats me, if you haven't guessed already) and Emma.

Winner of the 2nd Round (and 1500 L prizemoney) : Silly and Lynnbexter.

Our (in more than one way^^) daring  photographer!

The winners landing after a hard battle!

After the fighting was over, it was time to celebrate in the nearby Morlock's Revenge Pub!

Congratulations! Both rounds were damn tough fights - but very enjoyable nevertheless! See you all next Thursday for part three of the tournament!

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