11 March 2015

Hunting Streetsigns with Balloons!

At least kinda ;-) I wanted to give you a quick heads-up on the recent events and activities concerning Drow Science and New Shoregate. 

Lets start with the Battle Balloon tournament, which 4th competition will be held tomorrow 1 PM, New Shoregate (same time-space coordinates as always)

For the Rambo-moments in life: New Shoregate's Battle Balloon Tournament!

Tomorrow is also when our Name-the-Street-contest is ending. You still have the chance of getting some steampunktastic prizes, so hurry and send me your note! :-)

Oh no! A blank Sign! Help it getting a name - and its friends too!

And last but not least: The Steam X hunt is going throughout march, which this lovely gift waiting for the brave hunters:

Want know more - check out the Steam X blog. The battle balloons are waiting here at their take-off site, and this link leads you to the Name-the-Street-Contest!

I wish you lots of fun and good luck!

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