4 June 2012

Outch! Pierced Cheek Gags!

Emma seems to develop a serious affinity to gags. Especially to pretty mean piercing gags, as her last release shows: A pair of sheer evilness. I think the pictures speak for themselves - outch!

Twice as evil - only one price for both. The Piercing Gags! 

Evil #1: Hooked Cheek Gag

Evil #2: Pierced Cheek Gag

The gags are of course fully rlv compatible, have several garble levels (using automatic chat-redirection), timelock and keyholder system and a comfortable resizer-menu to make them fit to the subs individual face shape.

Certainly a unique and pretty kinky way to ensure having a quiet sub :-)

Check them out at Emma's Store!

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