19 May 2012

Steampunk Goes To War

Between working on my aircraft carrier I also fiddle with some other projects. One of them is expanding my range of airplanes.

So these days my store sees the release of a new series: Fast and nimble single-seat fighter planes, equipped with the Terra Combat System (TCS) for thrilling dogfight experiences!

It all started with my steampunk monoplane. Originally intended as small airplane to equip the aircraft carrier with, I quickly felt there is much more potential in that design then just this one type. It almost begged for being played with.

Since the monoplane is inspired by early WW1 designs, I just took the next step, took some more fighter planes of that era as inspiration:

Steampunk Monoplane

After the monoplane came...

Steampunk Biplane

...a biplane. The classical WW1 Fighter configuration with rotary engine. Just like classics like the Sopwith Camel or the Nieuport-series. After this one I felt logically tempted to...

Steampunk Triplane

...add another wing and make a triplane!

After this one though I thought I should reduce the number of wings again:

Steampunk Parasol Monoplane

The Parasol Monoplane is a direct relative to the German Fokker D.VIII, a fighter used late in the war using a thick wing-profile which was far ahead of its time.

I also went for a more aggressive design with the Biplane Mk2. Heavily inspired by the Albatros fighter and the Roland 2-seater its really a pretty mean, Teutonic looking machine.

Steampunk Airplane Mk2

My latest creation goes back again to my beginnings in steampunk aviation. Again a pusher design, this time closely oriented at its real-life inspiration, the Airco DH.2, the first british single-seat fighter plane!

Steampunk Fighter Prototype

All aircrafts have a completely overhauled flight script (with automatic taxi-mode at low throttle-settings), creating literally only a fracture of lag other flight scripts do.

Of course all planes (and of course very decorative miniatures) are available at my Marketplace-Store. Blue Skies!

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