9 October 2013

Back from the 80s!

At least it felt like living in the 80s again... My video card broke down and it took loong, looooong time until a replacement arrived. I never actually did doubt that time is relative, but I didn't expect that time can get that slow!

Imagine a world with no Facebook - ah well, that doesn't sounds too bad actually :p

But imagine a world without SL - yuck!

Imagine a world without a excessively large music collection just a mouseclick away - oh no!

Yes, thats indeed pretty 80s, isn't it?

Well, it was not easy. I missed blender, I missed surfing on the net, chatting with friends etc etc. Most of all however I missed having my sweet partner Emma with me.

Anyway. I am back with a huge video card looking like something you usually find under the hood of a sports car ;-)

More news coming very soon!

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