30 October 2013

Fetish Art, Product Updates And A Short Resumé On The Femdom Hunt

Longer phases of blogging inactivity usually mean: your favorite Drow designer was busy again! And thats again quite true.

I'm currently working on releasing the artwork of my friend and RL fetish artist Veronica Vinyl in SL:

Dark Masque by Veronica Vinyl in my living room.

Her paintings can be found in the best professional BDSM dungeons in the world. Now you can have a piece of the glamour (and pain ;-)) for yourself! To emphasise her strong and vivid yet classy visual style her artwork will be featured in custom-made high quality mesh frames exclusively.

Also my first mesh biplane, the Kestrel (see here and here) is in its final stage of preparations and will be availalbe till the end of the week :-)

And because it looks so good, here some more preview pics!

Last but not least, the Femdom Hunt organized by Z&A turned out to be a bigger success than ever before. The response was enormorous and everything went very, very smooth. I'm not good in searching, so Emma and Taffy (after some "motivation") had the honour to be my bloodhounds ;-) Thanks you two!

For every time the hunt item was further away then 30 meters of the TP point, Z&A provided the "lying Antony" for the hunt path - best look for yourself how this turned out ;-)

Oh and the Sunshine Technology hunt-gift we made seems quite popular. A deluxe version is in the making. If you wonder what it is, take a look at the pictures of the femdom hunt opening dance or at Antony's blog. The yoke's on you :p

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