10 October 2013

Available Now: Halloween Basket Gag!

Emma has released a new toy for Halloween! You know, that is the last night in October where evil spirits from the otherworld roam (hey, I heard one of you saying the word "Drow"!).

This is your chance give the trick-or-treat fun a kinky twist: please meet the Halloween Basket Gag!

The Halloween Basket Gag. Emma made a great meshing job with the pumpkins and the bat. They are so cute!

To get free you have to make people take pumpkins from the basket (what unspeakable price they may request for this favor I better leave to your imagination *evil grin*).
The gag can also be locked up the regular way and has full RLV-support like every Sunshine Technology product.

Tinting variant: The colours of the basket, gag and bat can of course be customized.

You can find the Halloween Basket Gag in the

Sunshine Technology store in SL

or on the Marketplace.

Have fun with it and happy Halloween!

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