29 June 2015

2nd Week Of The SL12B - Part 2

As promised yesterday, here is the continuation of my SL12B gallery. Some of the buildings you can find there belong to the finest you can find in SL - and outside of it.
Of course building quality isn't everything. Some exhibits impress with clever ideas, making extensive use of the possibilities virtual worlds do offer - others look just damn cool!

Not a borg-anthill: Astonish DJ Stage

Very innovative use of a standard bumpmap: The Sarcophagus of Sleep

What looks like a cool cyberpunk metal grid is actually LL's good old basketweave-effect - clever!

Clownski's Garden. Yes, thats a Drow swinging. A rather rare sight, as I have to admit!

(Some of) the 200 closest stars to the sun.

A step-by-step documentation how the exhibition was made. All stars are in the correct position relative to the sun and are colourized according to their type.

Most of the 200 closest stars to the sun. Sadly the screenshot didn't capture the hovertexts showing the name of every star. I even fond the notorious Wolf 359!


When a festival like this proves one thing then that the SL-community is the most creative one you can think of. You can literally find everything here: clever visualisations of scientific content, role-play, art-exhibits, nature, friendly places to socialize... there is so much to see and do. No surprise that for many SL became literally a digital home beside the physical one.

My friend Gee put together the possibilities of SL in a very interesting exhibit - but see for yourself:

Avatar Dreams. Funny fact: Gee just logged in when I took this picture!

According to Gee there are four stages in an avatar's life in SL: Familar, Nesting, Bonding and Living.

Yes, it's a Drow Science steam engine.

Very cool & interactive: you can select what you like to do most in SL and show how other people did decide.

Yes, there might be a third part of my SL12B gallery. Perhaps even tomorrow - stay tuned!

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