1 July 2015

New Steampunk Vehicle and More of SL12B!

As I hinted one or two posts ago, I was in the middle of working on a new creation when SLB came in between. Well sort of. The design was basically finished in my head, I just had to get it out (which is sometimes actually the harder part). So the change to building The Dream of Steampunk was a pretty welcome one. After that was finished, I had a fresh approach for:

Tada! My new Steampunk Gyrocogster!

I dare to say this cute little thing is one of my finest builds yet. It is quintessential steampunk with its da-vinci-style wings, the steam-engine and its irresistable cute look.

The Gyrocogster got its name from the word gyrocopter, which is basically a mixture between airplane and helicopter (not to be confused with an autogyro). 

It features an all-new script, developed by Emma, with dynamic camera, guest-option, dynamically rotating propellers. We also made a wearable version, suiting for places where rezzing is not allowed.

After the Gyrocogster was finished I couldn't resist and try it on the SLB sims. And it worked pretty well:

Hovering at SLB Astound #24

Elven Garden

Mistero Hifeng

Asmita's Dreams

Maps of Second Life

Its really fun to go exploring with this little bugger and because of its rather small size (unlike my airships, for example), you can basically go everywhere with it!

The Gyrocogster is now available at the Marketplace and soon in my in-world stores too!

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