29 July 2015

A Rezzing-Platform for the Gyrocogster!

Some of you may remember the Airplane-rezzer we had at New Shoregate. While it was actually a pretty good idea (some friend were nagging me about having such a thing for quite a while, hello Prof, btw!), I wasn't quite happy with it. Once you took a plane from it, no further one would appear and the rezzer had the bad habit of stopping to work after sim-restarts.

The Gyrocogster-Rezzing Platform at the Never Drift Fort.

To make a long story short: it really became time to make a proper rezzing system by ourselves, which rezzes a new vehicle, as soon it leaves the platform (and is in general a bit more robust and resource-friendly). As usually, I did the mesh-model (with a sporty land impact of 2) and Emma used her scripting magic to do... scripting magic!

And at the Dark Wishes Manor

A big thank you to Professor Wickentower and Talia Davidov for putting the rezzers at their sims. Please feel free to jump into the Gyrocogsters there and have a tour!

If you like to have your own Gyrocogster-Rezzer, there are available now at the Marketplace and at the Drow Science Stores inworld, for example at Never Drift, or at Tesla Isle.

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