3 July 2015

Professor Wickentower's Transmissions through the Aether - Part 3

On an ancient chart, there is a tiny speck marked 'The corner of No and Where' at 360 degrees North of Improbable, 335 degrees West of Impossible...It is named Never Drift...And when it wrenched its self from the land, the waters poured into fill the earthen void...Only the Statue of the Sea king, which stood on the headland remained behind, some would say, he held his place in his realm despite the upheaval...Fishes came through the breach in the land that was, feeding among the Kelp, which has made this place a strong hold now, and the wreck of the once valiant Ironclad which patrolled the waters around the village, dashed to a watery grave, it's stalwart crew lost to the engulfing waters. But some Divers, searching the sea bed for the lost towers, do say they have seen 'other things' in the waters, amongst the kelp...Some even whisper that the Contraptionist, the mad inventor and watcher of the levitating lands, dwelling on one of the periphery islands, has met Mermaids and Mermen, down in the deeps!...Conversed with them, and made them welcome...Perhaps he may have...He is a curious creature and no mistake!...So should you come to Never Drift, the lands at the edge of improbability, perhaps you catch a glint in the waters? Just a fish?, perhaps, but perhaps that glimmer is the tail of a Mermaid, come to pay respects to the image of the lost 'king of the waters' or lay a wreath on the hull of the lost Nautilus, and the champion of the waters and of peace?... But maybe it is just a fish and Mermaids are like dreams...Just a passing memory...But in that case why do so many people will believe in them then?....What do you think?

Exert from "My travels in the 35th Dimension and other places" 
By Prof.Z.Wickentower.

Click for a journey to Never Drift

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