4 November 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 35

Back to biking! After a lengthly break - my last biking-entry was in July - I began to feel this call again... the call of the endless road. Well, actually steering a pony-cart on my old biking routes did wake so many nice memories in me that I just had to come back. Another reason for me was the discovery of a nice steampunk bike by Darkfold Designs - I just had to get this one:

Annelie - A dramatic shot for introducing my new bike.

Its really a beauty. Scriptwise not as sophisticated as my choppers (no Hud, no shifiting, not even lights to switch on) but way ahead in terms of looks. Speaking of looks: As great this setting does look like, a few meters further I noticed I was driving into the wrong direction. *cough* Too bad... the light(e)ning looked so great from this side.

After I finally found the right direction my continued journey on the Circuit la Corse led me through quite some interesting locations.  Buildingwise it's certainly not the most boring part of SL:

Second Life's contrasts: urban chaos meets organized tidiness.

Aqua3 - Second Life is so full of common buildings, isn't it?

Fishers Rest - Well, its part of the "Circuit la Corse": Of course I drive there!

Fishers Rest - A certain steampunkish influence is hard to miss.

Venistrate - Martians again???

Toothsum - With bandshirt and badge I feel somehow like a Highway Star!!!

Timescape - You couldn't be more wrong if you think terraforming in SL is done with a simple mouse-click.

I even found the mysterious Chasm City - which purpose remains a secret to me but its spectacular architectural style really knows how to entrance:

Chasm Deep - Terminator playing a harp?

Chasm Deep - vrooooom!

Chasm City in its full dark glory - or is it my sky-setting?

Chasm Deep - some flying electric harps in that tank there - dont ask me why...

Not far from Chasm City lies a nice store. I don't really remember what they sell but the building itself looks pretty cool already ;-)

Majipoor - police control - time to get out my bow...

Today's route brought me quite a bit back towards the west. The Circuit la Corse is a very pleasant route I really can recommend.

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