29 November 2011

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 1

Time for something new. After my extensive bike tours across Heterocera, Sansara, Satori and Nautilus I decided that my next journey should lead me through the not-so-innocent parts of SL. Or to be precise: The adult continent Zindra.

As usually I start my journeys at nicely remote spots like dead ends. There always lies some symbolism in them: No turning back, a long, open road before you... who knows where your path will lead you and what you will encounter there?

Also I'm glad that my Mistress did accompany me on the first stage of my journey. Sadly I couldn't find a rezz-zone for biking. But we were able to improvise a relaxing way of travelling for her. Miss Vic seems to have liked the idea of getting some pull-around-service, even if I'm a Drow and not a pony as Miss is used to ;-)

The Mistress and her Drow. Start of my tour at the southwestern corner of Zindra.

A... snail-house? Besides that I noticed with delight a certain degree of steampunkiness ;-)

Lots of.. art... inside of the snail-house.

Just around the corner: The legendary Melissa's Cage Room. One of Miss Vic's favorite spots in SL. As the name indicates, MCR offers lots of cages, cells and confinement.

If there were ever doubts about how a cageroom might look like: its full of cages!

Todays journey: not too far but with good photo opportunities already.

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