8 December 2011

How Sculpts Learn To Fly

I'm really proud and happy writing this post now. Thanks to my submissive Emma, who recently learned sculpting, I am able to add a new level of realism to my planes. Of course I could bore you now with in-depth details about primlimitations and 3D-modeling in general but why wasting words when pictures can show you the obvious improvements on my planes so much better. Lets start with the Fokker Triplane:

Before: a rather primitve landing gear and a pretty basic looking engine cowl.

After: a nicely sculpted landing gear, struts and engine cowl add an amazing amount of realism to le petit rouge. The Red Baron would love it!

The Albatros D.Va also saw some major improvements. I am especially happy about the free prims I could use for modeling the engine:

Nice and shiny: the Albatros now finally has some realistic pistons and exhaust valves...

...as well as sculpted v-struts and landing gear with less prims but a more realistic look!

Of course the Sopwith Camel got a slight cosmetic update too:

Next to be updated will be the S.E.5a, the Safari Plane, the Vintage Biplane and the Stunt-Plane. As usual all planes are available at my Store on the SL Marketplace. Owner of an older version can receive a free update of course.

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