14 December 2011

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 2

Time for part two of my journey through Zindra and this time I could even use my bike! I did continue my ride eastwards Melissa's Cageroom and got quite the distance behind me this time. As expected the island (or continent) has quite some things to see... and try. You don't have to wait long till you run into them. But let's have a look:

Zindran Coastal Parkway @ Wyelde: Where does this mysterious gate will lead to?

Wow - it can hardly be more spectacular! Empty Spaces @ Wyelde. (Yes this caption contains irony. Did you find it?)

Love is in the air! Or at least on the road: Zindran Coastal Parkway @ Orburs.

Parking my bike at The Keyhole Club @ Orburs. The many poseballs indicate its a... "busy workplace".

Santa's coming!

Of course I wasn't sitting there alone long.

*Grrrrrrs on rule #6 and murmurs something about racism*

After this dissatisfying experience the club was done for me and I headed to my bike again.

Fort Grand: A weapons store - it's look doesn't gives me much trust in their quality though. Or are they working too well?

Fort Grant: Heavy Metal Dreams. No, actually its called: "Fuckmachine Laboratories"...

Well... "fuckmachines" isn't the whole truth. The creator seems to have an affinity for milking too. Perhaps he has a sidejob as dairy farmer...

This place is called: "its a museum,with art and nice things made in sl by people"

Obviously it's at Zindra.

Ah well... now its really getting seedy...

Cute birdy!

Today's route did lead me from MCR to this kinky art museum at Fort Grant. Pretty interesting route which makes appetite for more!

Oh and in case you don't really know what Zindra is, its the adult-rated landmass of SL, whilst the other continents are rated general or mature at best. Of course there are countless of adult-rated sims spread all over the gird but the nice density of kinkiness here really invites you to do some exploring.

The Zindra Continent in its full glory. You might recoginize the spot in the southwestern corner where I started my tour. And no, the southeast hasn't crashed - the sims there are simply missing still...

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