29 December 2011


Time for something different. Lately I became more and more fascinated by the concept of banishment.
Banishment means being sealed in a futuristic full body isolation Bane-Suit with no IMs, no ability to speak and several other restrictions. The idea is loosely based on the novel Eudeamon where this kind of banishment is used to punish criminals.

So one day - after I had a 5 hrs test-run of the demo - I gathered my courage, bought a Bane Helmet and asked my Mistress to lock me in for one week with the option of increasing the time.

A proud Bane kneels for her Mistress.

As exciting it feels to dare a full week in almost total isolation (I am able to walk and teleport around freely and can read chat), it is at the same time frightening. There is no way to bail out before the time is over and my possibilities of actively answering to people are limited to gestures like nodding, shaking my head, shrugging etc.

My life as Bane S-4265 began as the helmet closed around me on Monday 3 PM SL-time. And so far I'm getting along pretty well with my banishment. I know it can be hard though, but I'm confident to stand this challenge. It's just one week...


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