3 January 2012

Back from Banishment!

Yay! I made it! I successfully finished my week as Bane. It was a challenge, yes. Hard at times, but also pretty exciting and fun. The hardest part is being unable to express yourself properly - or lets say to express yourself at all since all what people see of you is a faceless stark latex figure.

It was a strange but refreshing experience. It shows you SL from a totally different perspective. I am also very thankful to Miss Vic who took very special care of me during these 7 days and made it a lot easier for me to stand the isolation. Thank you so much, Miss!

From right to left: Miss Vic, S-4265 and Trianne playing Greedy Greedy.

At a Diner.

Listening to a concert at Le Ciantelle's

And yes: of course I would do it again!

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