11 January 2012

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 7

Time for some continued exploring after my banishment-intermezzo. Since I reached the end of the southwestern bypass last time, this time my way lead me towards the northwest. This time with some company (but again no opportunity to rezz a bike).

Me, Emma (left) and Veronica, the newest member of our family (and currently pony-girl).

Inspecting a 1967 Shaguar at a nicely rundown hospital.

Not far from the hospital is the Bates Motel. You can see "Master Bates" (sic!) at the left side of the picture.

Later we discovered Wendi's Sanctuary. A pretty large place with many themed rooms.

Obviously one of the medieval-themed rooms.

I don't know about the floor, but the sofa is very relaxing.

The Classroom offers some innovative furnitures.

Veronica had to leave shortly after, but my friend Moon was a good sub-stitute ;-)

All in all Wendi's is quite a nice place with many possibilities to do things with and to people. Many devices look a bit out of date though.

Just a few meters away - at the sim Breven - lies another castle. One of the most spectacular builds I have discovered so far at Zindra:

Doesn't she look sweet kneeling in her Princess Leia outfit?

Yes, she does ;-)

The castle(s) in their full glory. Looking gorgeous from outside but - as usual - the interior can't keep up the promise.

Today's leg: As usual the dotted line shows the "offroad" part of my journey. Exploring Zindra is really a lot of fun - and if there were some rezz-zones it would be almost perfect.

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