6 September 2011

Looking for Free and Simple Accomodation with great RP? Why Not Trying the RR Prison?

Spending some time in prison indeed has its advantages: A quiet and contemplative, yet almost zen-like environment, a clear daily routine and skilled people who take care for you - what more could a stressed metaverse-resident want more?

Finally I found the time to write about my favorite Prison in Second Life. The RR Prison understands itself as a place which takes great care for serious prison role-play in an absorbing setting. I did spend some time in there earlier this year and I rember the experience as quite unique and exciting.

You may suspect now prison role-play as something pretty frustrating and boring. Well, there are of course times when you sit alone in your cell - thats part of it. But the staff does a lot to keep it interesting - its simply the mutual interests of both sides.

You will encounter quite a variety of people and interests there. Prisoners who are in there just to feel confinement, subs who were sent to jail for misbehavior, seasoned prison role-players doing smuggling and planning jailbreaks and of course people who are simply curious.

For me it was a mixture of the need for confinement and sheer curiosity which brought me there. Well, at least thats what I claim. I got accused in various cases of air piracy - a judicial error of course mixed with a serious lack of humor...

But enough of this matter. I'm officially rehabilitated and have learned from my mistakes now (like not getting caught for example^^).  Lets have a look into the world of prison role-play. Perhaps you will like it and who knows - maybe there is just a slight persuasion needed to keep you there ;-)

The entrance to the prison-area. There is lots of useful information about the role-play and the rules available here.

Quite a nice welcome! The courtyward is nicely decorated with a statue of justice, a nice picturesque garden - and some well hidden rlv-traps.

Having a chat with Karenjane Walworth - one of the head guards there.

Karenjane has put lots of efforts into providing a good RP-environment. Shes also currently working on a big case about  the RR judge and prosecutor going missing. The related chat has already summed up to 50 pages.

But its the daily small RP-episodes which keep such place alive. So you have at best a good idea about the background of your character and committed crimes.

The Courtroom - please notice the seat for the accused. Its quite intimidating to look up at the judge from it...

The view from here is much more pleasant though - not only because of Johnny Depp.^^

We're getting closer to the "fun" now.

Just outside the prison-yard is a small but tasteful club. Even with dance-poles for prisoners to do a good deed for society.

Nice detail: The screen between dancers and guests is only see-through from outside.

The observation deck allows a perfect zoo-like view at the prisoners.

The only way to communicate with the world outside: the visitors room.

The intake procedure itself is as following: You fill out an application form with some details about your character, sexual preference (yes, a thing called sex might happen there), your limits and likes (for example no sexual RP but heavy restrictions, or vice versa). You will also get some detailled information about the rules and restrictions which will be enforced at you. For example TP and IM block.

A few days after you have submitted your application you will get a warrant of arrest which gives you one week time to show up there and begin your sentence.

How many prospective inmates may have sat on this couch already? Better they did, since its the last comfy seat they would have got for a long time...

jenny Dubrovna of the medical staff talking to a visitor.

The interogation room - again nicely separated from observers with a one-sided screen.

After getting arrested you will be brought in the prisoner area, which is restricted from public access and get your prisoner clothes. The prison will charge you 150 L for getting them. You can save money though if you prefer to stay naked. You will also have to own some RR-restraints for participating. I was lucky since I already owned police handcuffs, legirons and a ballgag. The restraints are of course making use of RLV and are completely usable outside of the prison too. There is a vendor outside to get yourself equipped.

If you get leashed to this pole your time in freedom is definitely over: the inmates get registered into the prison-system here.

After registration prisoners get to see the shower. Considering the low hygiene standards its doubtful that there is another other purpose than humiliation though.

To prevent the prisoners from smuggling in drugs, or weapons and sometimes to satisfy the sexual needs of the guards there thoroughly medical examinations the prisoners are sent to the cells.

After these procedures the prisoners will be led to their cell. By walking through the long corridors of the prison they may take a glance or two on certain things:

A play-room for guards entertainment (like punishing prisoners for example).

The place you will spend most time in is the cell-block:

A composition in steel, concrete and confinement - the cell-block.

My old cell #7 - it would be a bit far to call it lucky number.

To prevent the prisoners from getting too lazy and reforming them into productive beings the prison has also set up some working opportunities besides the pole dancing (even if most prisoners show great talent for that):

One of the latest additions - the prison own vineyard. Of course the Wine is served at the prison's club.

Not as attractive: Working in the stone pit.

Any good prison has a laundry too.

You see RR Prison is quite eventful and not only a lockup facility. You will spent considerable time locked in though. But you will have also possibilities to make up some role-play.

To finish our tour I've uploaded some snapshots from my time as (of course totally innocent) inmate:

A musing moment in jail. if I look a bit arrogantly: this might be intended ;-)

The guards always try to do some diversion from daily cell-routine.

I know, I know... I just look too good to be free...

If you are interested to participate feel welcome to have a look at the RR Prison at Priasmin. They are currently searching prison guards (and of course inmates). Karenjane Walworth and the rest of the prison-staff will be glad to tell you more and help you getting started there - no matter which side of the bars you like more ;-)

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  1. Nice article, as one of the co-consperetors in the kidnapping it was nice to see it published. Hope it inspires more people to be on either sides of the bars.

    I understand there will be a trial on October 15th @ Noon SL time and would love to see a packed courtroom, perhaps even a jury!