26 August 2011

Across Sansara on Foot Photo Exhibition

One of the reasons to start my blog back in March (!) - my god, time flies! - was a chat I had with a guy called Ikarus Fallen at Inspire Space Park. He told me he is exploring the Second Life mainland by foot and showed me his blog about his adventures.

Something definitely clicked in me on that day. I was doing a bike tour and exploration in general long before, made tons of photos already but never had the idea to blog about it or publish them in any other way.

Well, that day changed that and in the meanwhile Ikarus (or his alter ego Jago Costantine) has reached the mark of 500 visited sims! Ok, with biking I was much faster than he though and literally raced trough some areas.^^

Anyway, I am very happy this little meeting back then took place. In SL things can change quickly. Its inspirational, anarchic and full of surprises if you give it the chance.

Ikarus... errr Jago's place. the gallery is on the ground level. Upstairs he has a store.

No, its not a wanted-poster. This picture is showing a brave explorer!

Having one or five glasses of Cognac while enjoying the snapshots from his looooong journey.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ikarus!


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