22 August 2011

Some Drow Fashion II

Welcome to part 2 of my Drow fashion series with more bits and pieces of modern dark-elvish-attire. Oh, and I noticed with delight that my blog passed the 5000 clicks these days! yay!!!!

Something different: An orange cyberpunk-outfit. Also very good for parties. A freebie from House Nishi btw.

Also orange but not quite made for going out. Rather for staying inside longer: A classical orange prisoner suit. Btw: the backprint reads "To be kept in restraints".

Modest and simple and just made for stainless steel handcuffs. Only the high heels are a fashionable concession though.

The sexy side of jail: ok, this one is definitely for going out!

Again the orange side of life

Also great for clubbing. If its on Mars, Saturn or just some freaked out terrestrial club.

This robe I found at my explorations of the ancient Nautilus. Good if you want to look important and serious.

This one is called Lab Subject - for reasons beyong my comprehension - but the back side looks good...

...and of course the front side!

If there's a lab subject there has to be a mad scientist too. Obviously I am fiddling at some tomato sauce recipes...
oh and has anyone said Dr. Steel

One of my daring hunting-outfits. It gives me the nice look of a primeval Drow-warrior queen.

Safari-style! Since Second Life is a lot about exploring this attire just seems to be right.

One of the less-daring hunting outfits. Looking that professional gives a significant intimidation bonus.

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