23 August 2011

Some Drow Fashion III

Lets start the 3rd part of my Drow fashion series with something daring. Isnt it amazing how well gray suits to... gray? ;-)

Another freebie by Mesmerize. I appreciate the material-saving approach

Another piece of my reddish-collection. Something formal...

...but sexy nevertheless.

This one I use for space-exploration.

Another spectacular back side view, isn't it?

Yet sooo prude from the front

A casual but cool street-outfit. For what reason ever its called Dark Watcher.

My mad Drow aviatrix-outfit. Steampunky coat and boots and classical mad scientist welding glasses.

Thats a bit victorian, isn't it? Well, its from the same store as the aviatrix outfit (BlakOpal)

Let's play metal! Leather, straps and spikes make pretty clear this is not an outfit for relaxed lounge music.

Dressed in black and straight from hell: A pretty cool outfit if you want to look sexy without showing too much skin. Also perfect for dominating poor little submissives.

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