21 August 2011

Some Drow Fashion I

If you have followed my blog a little you may have noticed I like to put on lots of different outfits. From daring and weird to classy and sexy - basically suitable for every situation you may encounter in SL. So I had the idea to come up with an overview of my favorite outfits. All shots are taken at the flying landing stripe at my airship, isn't it a beauty?

Tarantino lost a big opportunity not featuring a Drow as main character in Kill Bill.

  Bow and arrow are at least as sexy as a katana, don't you think? Btw: the suit is a freebie by Mesmerize Dungeon.

Teasing: some stylish black dress for going out. Kept together just by a few shiny hearts.

Another clubbing outfit. Definitely less formal and more rockish oriented.

A little slave-style but its not what you're wearing, its how you wear it. Fill your outfits with pride!

And yes: I have an affinity for red...

...quite a big one even. Gray just looks great to red.

Also from behind!

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