7 August 2011

Aircraft Cemetery

We all know the more or less (rather less) credible stories about the Bermuda Triangle and the vast amounts of ships and aircraft which disappeared there. Well, it seems SL doesn't wants to stand behind RL in this regard.

While doing a little hunting (yeah, that takes quite a bit of my SL-time these days) I received an IM by Ronin McGinnis of the SL Coast Guard that one of my planes - my faithful Albatros to be precise - was found stuck midair at Villeneuve. Since I'm a kind and tidy Drow I of course TPed there to remove my little plane from its calamity.

As I showed up there I was quite surprised to find a whole bunch of airplanes stuck like mine. A little chat with Ronin revealed he has IMed so far about 24 people (!) which planes were stuck here - OMG!

The SL-Verions of air pollution: countless aircrafts sticking in the skies

Perhaps the pilot just fell out of his seat?

Of course with some ideas you can get great photo opportunities here...

Actually it looks pretty funny to see all kinds of air-vehicles from all ages gathered in the sky like frozen in time. The downside of such a airplane cemetery however is a constant consume of prims and computing power of the sims because of the many flight scripts still running. This way the region became a deadly trap for every plane which dares to enter as Ronin explained to me.

Thats however not the whole story: While checking out where I got actually TPed to I found out that I already blogged about this place before during my Bike Tour. Back then I classified the whole island as highly polluted with banlines and as almost impossible to explore at all...

One of the rather unpleasant parts of my travels so far: the Islands east of Nautilus (with the sim Villeneuve marked with red) are excellent in catching airplanes in full flight.

No wonder so many planes got trapped there. Im really surprised I did not give up exploring it at all...

Bad, bad idea for flying: Best to avoid that whole island and keeping nicely out at the open sea.

Its for sure an unpleasant situation. Not only for aviators like me who like to enter a sim without worrying about crashes. The Landowners don't do themselves a favor with putting up banlines too because of the increased sim-load each plane creates as I have mentioned above.

So how should a solution of this problem look like? Its pretty easy actually. Don't put up banlines!
They are pretty pointless. And especially at mainland sims they simply ruin any joy exploring a place. There is nothing against security orbs though as long they give you a fair amount of time to leave that area. 30 Seconds are absolutely fine. Its way enough to walk, drive or fly through without doing any harm to anyone.
 And if the people really want privacy why not renting some space at a private, isolated sim? Thats way more sane and fair towards other residents instead of just putting up a banline.
Tear down the walls and let the skies be free!

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