25 January 2013

Just When You Thought Nothing Would Surprise You Anymore...

...then you discover a place like "Citysphere". A city build on the outside of a small planetoid-like, well - sphere.
So if you ever wanted to know how it feels like living on a world with some 200 meters diameter, Citysphere is the right place for you. I grant you a quite unique Experience!

Citysphere as seen from - above?

It looks quite normal so far. As long your angle is not much off you dont really notice the spheric shape. This is btw one of the very few occasions you see me and Emma together without her kneeling. We are both using one of the City's vehicles to move around. Yes we are actually sitting while standing ;-)

Its getting more sloped - it can be pretty hard to move the camera somehow into a useable position...

...pictures like this however make it worth the effort.

To prevent you from falling off the edge of the world (great song btw.) when leaving the starting location, you can rezz a vehicle by clicking the ground. I strongly recommend using Mouselook when moving because the 3rd person perspective gets very quickly very messed up - but thats actually part of the fun!

The installation is made in a quite cute futuristic comic style. Billboards with hidden messages as seen in John Carpenter's They Live ("OBEY", "REPRODUCE", "CONFORM" etc.)  add a nicely dystopic and subversive feel to it. Great!

Are these glasses or handcuffs? Or am I biased?

Seems its actually both ;-)

The building quality however lacks some accuracy and details. I really would have loved to have more spots for sitting or even a "Club Sloped" ;-)
But its unique concept outweighs these minor flaws: Its crazy, it works and its really something innovative!

At the south pole: We were never a normal family...

I mostly used the windlight setting "[TOR] Lydian dinosaurs" for the pictures which works well with the latent cyberpunk atmosphere of the place. The original skysetting is a bit too foggy for my taste. There is a very handy site which lists many (if not all) windlight skysettings with preview pictures here.

I am really excited about Citysphere and I see quite the potential in the idea of spheric worlds in SL. Ok, there are some quirks with the camera handling but that can surely be fixed. And who knows, perhaps Citysphere will be the start of a whole community inhabiting spheric worlds...

You can find more info about its Creators on their Blog and here is your ticket to Citysphere!

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