6 January 2013

Many New Steampunk Items Released - A "Global" Approach!

The new year starts with some major additions to my Steampunk-line! For the start I released a new Steampunk Laptop with improved textures and several new Globes - including floating and even holographic ones! All items are optimized for minimum land impact (prim count). You will be surprised how little prims they take!

Steampunk Laptop II

Steampunk Globe III

Steampunk Globe IV

Steampunk Globe V

Steampunk Globe VI

Steampunk Globe VII

I also adapted the idea in some more modern looking variants:

Floating Globe

Floating Globe Silver Edition

After being in full flight building round Globes I was kidding about making globes with different shapes. This turned into a classical recreation of the world as featured in a popular series of fantasy-novels taking place at a "flat" world ;-)

Flatworld Globe

Then I found why making a globe at all? Well at least a physical one. So I created holographic globes suiting for all kinds of Sci-fi or Cyberpunk environment.

Hologlobe I

Hologlobe II

Hologlobe III

I think I could have called this post just as well "Variations on Globe". It was simply so much fun to build them all and the ideas literally came out of the blue - I was hardly able to keep up with them!

More new releases for a steampunky and futuristic 2013 are coming soon!

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