16 June 2014

The Sorceress Bound And Gagged

The fourthnightly (what a beautifully old-fashioned word!) Raven Park dances are usually a fine opportunity to plunder your inventory, making intensive surveys of the Marketplace for the perfect outfit - or panically looking for something (or anything) that somehow fits to the theme. Often in the last 30 mins before the start.

Saturday's "Messed-up Disney"-dance was in no way different. The clock was ticking louder and louder while I was pondering, searching and researching. Of course for a villains outfit - they always get the interesting ones! But I was not really getting somewhere, until I went for the perhaps most obvious choice I could do - Maleficent!

After I set my mind (the other options I did favorize were Cruella DeDrow or a sexy Captain Hook) I wondered about the odds of outfit-clashing.
But since it was such an obvious costume (do I need to mention the movie with Angelina Jolie? I think not!) I was pretty sure that no-one else would pick it - and was right - phew!

The party was a blast - and decoration (bambi goes rambo) and tunes (as always by the wicked Eve Terr) were spot on and weird fun! Click!

I liked the outfit so much that I just kept it on. Actually I am really amazed how well the outfit works with my Drow-self.
Of course some might say it simply shows the real me now...

Though it got a really interesting twist after being restraint: Cuffs, chains and gag nicely foil the image of the powerful, evil sorceress - or making you wonder what might happen when I get free...

As often the best ideas just happen. Things fall into place - and in the end you are just as surprised by their outcome as everyone else!

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