10 August 2012

New Airplane - Fokker D.VII

The Fokker D.VII was arguably the best fighter plane of World War One.

Introduced in May 1918 it was instantly loved by its pilots. Famous Aces like Ernst Udet, Erich Löwenhart, Lothar von Richthofen (the Red Baron's little brother) and Rudolf Berthold scored many kills while flying this machine.

The D.VII was fast, sturdy, yet highly maneuverable and could outclimb any opponent. It is said that it could "turn an average pilot into a good pilot, and a good pilot into an ace."

I'm very happy to present my latest creation. Its been on my to-do-list for quite a while and I'm proud it now has the level of detail and accuracy this excellent airplane deserves.

You can find it at my store at the SL-Marketplace!

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