27 July 2012


YAY! I'm free again! After increasing my sentence  several times, the RR-justice system seemed to have ran out of reasons to keep us in and has released us as innocent. After a total sentence of 96 hrs online time!

Well, of course I made the best of my stay in Prison. With a little help from my lovely submissive Emma:

Nothing to see here!

But prison time isn't always fun-time - I think you have guessed that already. There is forced work,

as well as sadistic guards who might torture you...

and worst of all: you and your lawyer/lover being put into different cells!

In the end we were able to spend most of the time together though. Maybe with a bit of a sore backside (at least me). But otherwise pretty fine.

So after 12 days of incarceration our big day eventually came. We stepped out of prison as free Drow Mistress and submissive.

Warden Corleone removing us from the prisoner list - yay!

Whilst I know that Prison-RP isn't appealing for everyone I enjoyed it a lot. It surely needs some commitment to spend a longer sentence locked up in a cell. You can't simply teleport out and look for entertainment somewhere else. So the confinement feels pretty real.
For me it was a nice change from the usual SL-routine, and... you know sometimes I just need my dose of submission and loss of control ;-)

The RR-Prison is SL's oldest and most consistent Prison making use of RLV. Many prisons were founded and disbanded in the meanwhile - RR Prison stays and it is soon celebrating its 4th birthday.

I simply like the "feel" of the place. It doesn't looks like just another BDSM playground with cells and guards added.  The staff does a fine job in creating a living, believable environment for role play which is satisfying for all participants.

Don't be shy and have a look!

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