8 July 2012

On The Run

I dont know how it happened, neither can I understand the strange way justice takes sometimes, all I can tell you is: I'M INNOCENT!!!

My faithful lawyer Emma tried the best to convince the judge of my innocence. Well... perhaps she tried a bit too hard - ah well. At least I won't go in on my own...

Here an excerpt from warrant:

"REASON FOR SENTENCING) Some is a repeated offender charged guilty of air piracy and kidnapping humans for her own amusement in the Blake Sea Area.
She is notorious for striking out of nowhere and letting down a rain of bullets from her red biplane to set her victims in shock and awe before her crew captures the vessel with their airship.
There is no trace of her crew yet, nor of her loot.
The officials were lucky to get her while she had an emergency landing with engine problems at a remote airfield."

Does this sound like me?

Uuuhhh... perhaps I shouldn't have asked  ;-)

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