11 July 2012


Our time as fugitives didn't last long. On an attempt to solve this tragic error of justic together with my lawyer at the RR Prison, I was taken in custody by one of the guards.  

 Perhaps we shouldn't have posed with our warrants before... 

My incarceration.

They really seem to have mistaken me with a very dangerous air pirate! Cuffed and gagged and in legirons I was taken to my cell...

A familiar view for me - sadly.

Oh and of course - they got my lawyer too:

Yes, I wanted to have my attorney with me - but like this?

Well, seems my stay will take longer than a few minutes to clear the matter. My new home is cell #15 on the ground floor of the RR Prison cellblock.

I am allowed to see visitors. Just talk to a guard there and they arrange the rest (without keeping you there usually). Here is the taxi.

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