2 September 2012

Back From Black!

I finished my seven days as Emma's bane and I have to say - it was great! She took over so naturally and really settled into her role as temporary Mistress. I was totally under her command :-)

Here some selected scenes from a week as S-1195:

Bane in a Doll Case,

kneeling at the games room at Dark Wishes,

getting into some trouble,

being a nice and shiny cuddle pillow,

(at various places)

and even posing at a por- well...film set!

After a long day of activities you should keep your bane in a secure place - of course well restrained for her own safety.

Yes, I know most activities (if not all) aren't conform to what is usually understood as "banishment" (points at the link) - but frankly: I couldn't care less. We had our fun together and thats what counts in the end. You don't need to do things by the book (we leave that to gor-player) if they simply naturally work with some empathy and mutual understanding.

Me, Emma, Luvia and Emma relaxing and enjoying my first hours back in charge.

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