11 April 2013

Seems The Steampunk Expo Is Quite Popular...

...at least if you take a look on the reactions about it. There is for example a cool video of my Airshow and lots of positive blog posts, like this one, or here and there (beware! - they are in German ;-))

Also I am very happy that more and more pictures of the airshow come up now:

The pre-show presentation with a gorgeous sky as background.

Randy looking... Randy!

A proud little Steampunk Monoplane getting ready for the show!

Circeling over the Prometheus.

Quite close! Velocity's Ornithopter and Emma's Monoplane. In the background you can see me in my red Triplane.

After the show the carrier was opened for the publicity moved closer towards earth.

Today was racing-day. We had a Battle Car Race, which your favorite Drow did win and a freestyle race won by Amadeus Hammerer from New Babbage.

For the last two days of the festival we have again presentations of fantastic builders, live-music, a freebie market and Thorsten K├╝per (Kueperpunk) presenting his comedy program "Nerdy but loving it...".

Here is the schedule as planned:

11. April:
  • 11am SLT (7pm gmt): Nymlet / Steamrose (presentation)
  • 12pm SLT (8pm gmt) neal hoffman (live music)
  • 1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Garnet Psalty read two Stories from"Tales of New Babbage" - (gramophone session / recorded)
  • 1:30pm SLt (9:30pm gmt); Art Exhibit form Vale Kenyon
  • 2pm SLT (10pm gmt): DJ Nymlet

12. April:
  • 11am SLT (7pmt gmt): Highlights and Steampunk freebie Market (presentation)
  • noon slt (8pmt gmt) Kueperpunks "Nerdy but loving it"
  • 1pm SLT (9pm gmt): raffle
  • 2pm SLT (10pm gmt): DJ Maddrax Nightwish + Medival Special

And here is your steam-taxi!

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