18 April 2013

New Hobby: The Daily Flotsam Pillock Memorial Blowup

Yarrrrr! Burrrrrn, Flotsam, burrrrrn!

One of the greatest virtues of this digital world called SL is that you have a lovely high degree of freedom. You can explore and find amazing works of creative people in abundance or you can create something by yourself - and learn and get better and better. You can express yourself through your avatar (want to see a blue-coloured fox flying a F 16? SL is the place for that!). You have countless ways to interact socially, go to art exhibits, visit clubs, listen to concerts - even do some RP (for example as blue fox!) - the limits are your imagination really!

However sometimes the fun ends. For example when people with obvious social deficiencies start acting like little SL-policemen and try to ruin your fun. As it happened lately in Flotsam.

Flotsam is a beautiful and fun place made by perhaps one of SL's most creative minds - Aley. A swimming pirate town full of lovely peculiarities. And with a special feature: you can blow it up! Its encouraged - and so I did.

And just as I was enjoying total mayhem (burning buildings crashing into the sea, flames leaping high into the sky - the usual stuff a Drow likes) I was IMed by a random "SL policeman" and was called a griefer!

You see I have of course understanding and respect for the various role-playing groups in SL. I have encountered loads of friendly people already this way: medieval vampires, wastelanders, prisoners and guards, space cadets, steampunks, slave-trader, damsels in distress, pirates, ponies, aviators - even dogs - simply all kinds of folks!

But when a single person belonging to these groups try to force their community-rules on the rest of the Grid or simply starts calling you names because they don't like the shoes you wear or the bombs you throw - at a place that doesn't even belong to their RP-community - then the fun ends for me.

Well, to get clearance I wrote a short inquiry about this issue to Aley. The answer was very clear: I got a cannon and the task to blow the city up at my "hearts content" ;-)

This I did, and I will do this every day now - and I invite everyone to do the same!

Come by to Flotsam, grab one of the free bomb-throwers, cannons, hand-guns or anything else which shoots objects called "CannonBall" and give the city a beating! Its so relieving! Its so much fun! And no worries you could do permanent damage: the city recovers fully in a very comfortably short time!

Go make SL a more fun place. It can endure a healthy amount of craziness and disorder!

Oh, but take a look at Aleymart! first and grab some handy freebies. They are great :-)

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