4 April 2013

Amazing Video Of The Steampunk World's Expo

The first two days were quite busy and fun! The events were well visited and there was a fantastic atmosphere!

Natascha Randt made a cool video catching the spirit of the sim really well:

I kept myself busy yesterday with trying out vehicles, hunting Air Kraken and dancing at the local Pub:

A small step for a Drow - I think I am the first who went to the moon in suspenders ;-)

That's how I like it: A flying vehicle, a machine gun and some prey to hunt! These fine little Airships are made by Zen Wickentower, a really nice human.

Lovely interior: The after-hunt-dance at the Morlock's Revenge.

One of the highlights today will be the the Battle Car Race at 1 PM SL-time. You can win a time machine and a 500L gift card! Debbie made a really cool racetrack especially for that occasion.

See you at the Expo!

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