6 April 2013

Big Airshow Today At The Steampunk World's Expo!

The Expo is a great success so far. This week saw literally tons of great activities, presentations and music events.

A highlight was yesterday's Air Kraken Soccer match. Yes, you can't only shoot them - they actually make fine mounts for sporty games too!

Kick it like Squidham! Air Kraken Soccer match @Lancaster Castle.

The game ended as draw but there will be a rematch on April 11!

The Highlight today will be a big airshow with exciting dogfights featuring my Steampunk Airplanes and my flying Aircraft Carrier Prometheus! Its just a pleasure to see these vehicles in the air and it will be a thrill to see what combat performance they are capable of!

Start is today @12 PM SLT. See you there!

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