21 April 2013

A Living, Breathing Steampunk Metropolis - New Babbage Part 2 - Babbage Canals

Time for part two of my epic journey through the sims of New Babbage! My excursions have been delayed a bit due to a certain (and pretty awesome) steampunk event, but here we go!

This time the subject of my travelings was another one of the rather waterish (if this word doesn't exists yet, I declare it as invented!) parts of the city: The Babbage Canals.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing" - your highly-decorated Drow flying ace in front of her aerial vehicle.

Checking for whom the bell tolls.

Steampunk as it should be: whimsical constructions of brass, bricks, rust and more brass reaching skywards.

As the name already betrays the sim has - canals! Along with factories, airship hangars and other really cool made buildings.

There is so much to see. I never got tired of making photos!

Did somebody say over-engineering? I think this structure has something to do with electrics - maybe... perhaps... I guess... uuh... nevermind ;-)

*resists to take out a knife and cut this off from the wall... barely*

This is not a cage! Ok, even if Emma looks the part ;-)

*takes discretely notes... lots of notes*

In case you ever wondered why they are called airships.

Churches are in general best seen from outside. I like these gothic-arches though.

Emma at the giant peach?

No, not really ;-)

To give our expedition a nice finish we had a roof-dance.

A very lovely roof-dance :-)

I can't point out often enough how much this place is worth a visit! If these pictures can't convince you to go and have a visit... you are either dead, a steampunk-hater (which makes me wonder why you made it so far!) or you already are there!

Some's Steampunk Taxi to the Baggabe Canals!

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