1 April 2013

Breaking News!!! LL Lowers Land Prices By 70%!!!

It doesn't happen often - but these news really blew my mind! Linden labs is dropping their overall land prices by 70%!

According to Phil Rosendale, founder and chairman of LL this step - which will be taken at April 1st 2014 - will affect both mainland  and privately owned regions. It is "part of a mayor leap forward to gain market share and establish Second Life in a dimension only Facebook and World of Warcraft have." He further explained "Second Life combines the strength of both: Seemingly endless possibilities of social Interaction plus a fun 3D environment for gaming."

The SL grid saw a considerable shrinking in the last years. It lost about 3000 full regions in 2012 - which is 10% of their total number in that year. With lowering land prices LL will surely give SL some strong impulses to grow again as it did in the late 2000er years.

Currently a full region costs about 300 USD per month, plus a one-time setup-fee of 1000 USD. Compared to OSgrid and other competitors this is a extremely high amount of money. Reducing the monthly costs alone will save sim owners 210 USD. This looks at first glance like a severe cut of income for LL but according to LL market analyses show that more likely a new gold rush will be created. Rosendale expects a boom of newly set-up sims unlike anything SL has seen before: "The Grid will likely grow by 1000 sims per month in 2014. And 2015 the sky will be the only limit."

SL's current infrastructure is already receiving an overhaul since more than a year. The gradual improvements of several crucial elements like communication between regions, region and inventory performance and increased network bandwidth has been made since.

Rosendale says lowering the land prices was planned for a long time already. "When we brought mesh to SL it was the first step into the right direction. Making it big - I mean really big - is the inevitable consequence. Soon all world will know what a wonderful creation SL is and they will be part of it."

* * * Important update from April 2: This post was of course joke! :-) Happy April-Fools' Day! * * *

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