27 April 2013

New Aerial Vehicles, Mesh-Updates And A Bit Of Cyberpunk

Don't think I was lazy since the Steampunk Expo ;-) Your favorite Drow Aviatrix was busy with creating a whole bunch of new airplanes (and an Ornithopter  too - my personal favorite).

The Steampunk Ornithopter - with fully functioning mechanic!

My Vision for the Ornithopter was as simple as it was challenging: A design reduced to the absolutely necessary! At first glance this might seem contradicting to the typical "overengineered" steampunk-style but in fact the reduction allowed me to play much more with the actual structure of the machine instead of covering it all under a streamlined fuselage.
The result is a really exciting framework consisting of metal, wires and wooden struts build around not much more than a steam engine, a seat and wings! It is really a joy to watch it fly!

For the Steampunk 2-Seater Biplane Mk3 I was able to create the engines completely as meshes, keeping the Land Impact nicely low, allowing me to add a few nice details like a picnic basket, a machine gun (purely for self-defense of course) a compass, an air-vehicle identification chart and - last but not least - a posh glass of Martini ;-)

Steampunk 2-Seater Biplane Mk3

Martini for the co-pilot: strictly following my credo "Whatever you do, do it with style."

Just hope the pilot doesn't do too tight turns!

Tight turns are no problem for these machines:  The Stunt Biplanes and Triplanes are made for daring aerial acrobatics. They respond quickly, while staying always nicely controllable, are compact in their dimensions and give the pilot an excellent view from the cockpit!

The Stunt Biplane-Set contains 5 different colour schemes.

Needless to mention the same applies for the Triplane-version too!

After so many smoking chimneys, roaring engines, flapping wings and turning propellers its time now for something completely different:

Drow not included! The Cyber Club Prefab.

The Cyber Club is an exciting prefab modeled after a club in which I myself spent many happy hours, and the generous 30x38 footprint leaves plenty of room for even the most enthusiastic dancers as well as additional furniture.

Rezzed as it is the club is ideal for cyberpunk, electro and even metal club nights but the design is fully modable, taking advantage of SL’s advanced lighting/shadows features making this a perfect spot for whatever kind of party you need to throw.

The Cyber Club on its own is a mere 24 prims, and it comes complete with the following optional furnishings:

+ DJ Booth (11 Prims)
+ Table (1 Prim)
+ Disco Ball (3 Prims)
+ Stage Trussing with Spotlights (8 Prims)
+ Bar (4 Prims)
+ Barstool (2 Prims)
+ Acid Pit (2 Prims)

Optional Evilness: The Acid-Pit for a dance-on-the-volcano-like feeling ;-)

Additional to these new creations I did also update my WW1 Airplanes with new mesh-engines. The Fokker Triplane even got a cool meshed cowl!

The Fokker Dr.1 Triplane - It looks better than ever before!

A close-up of the front.

The Sopwith Camel also got the new engine plus an improved upper wing faithfully modelled after its real-world counterpart.

The Nieuport 17 and the Morane Bullet also got the new mesh-engines installed. This is however only the first step I take. The next update will feature full mesh models with a yet not seen degree of detail! Stay tuned!

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