2 April 2013

The Steampunk World's Expo Starts Today!

And it looks fantastic!

The home of the Steampunk World's Expo: Lancaster Castle at Soigne.

There can be hardly a more suiting sim for this kind of event than Cyhtleen and Debbies home. Its a splendid and overwhelming place full of Steampunk magic and mystery :-)

The Expo offers a fun and varied program on all eleven (!) days. Don't miss it!

I just shot a few impressions of the place. More will come soon!

One of the dominating landmarks of Soigne is the huge Tesla-Tower on top of the pub The Morlock's Revenge.

It is also the most Air Kraken-haunted spot there!

The official Timetable has been released too:

The Steampunk Worlds Exposition

2. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Ambiant Tesla Kukulcan - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Airship dogfight Runde 1 - (competition)
2pm SLT (109pm gmt): Russel Eponym - (live music)

3. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Nightshade Sixpence / NS 6 Engineering - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Air Kraken hunt- (competition)
2pm SLT (10 pm gmt): DJ Touche - (music)

4. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Gae Singh / Steamkitten - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): battel cars round 1 - (competition)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): New Babbage videos and music at pub

5. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Darlingsmonster Ember / DMS - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Esarius Luga - (comdey german)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): DJane Rhina - (Blues)

6. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Somehow Peccable / Drow Science - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Satu Moruea reads "The music of Erich Zann" von H.P. Lovecraft - (grammophone session)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): Deceptions Digital - (live music)
3pm SLT (11pm gmt): DJ Goat Ebbage - (Jazz)

7. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Peter Brunel Veliz - (presentation)
1pm SLT (22 Uhr MESZ): Jordan Reyne (live music)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt) Drones and Drums - (live music)
3pm SLT (11pm gmt): Party!

8. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Moggio Morigo - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): airship dogfight - (competition)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): Steampunk Quiz - (competition)
3pm SLT (11pm gmt): Xara Fiasco - (Live Musik)

9. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Nymlet / Steamrose - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Air Kraken Jagd - (competition)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): Neo Victoria - (Präsentation)

10. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Jenne Dibou / JD - (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): battle car race round 2 - (competition)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt) Music at the pub

11. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Zen Wickentower (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): Garent Plantry reads "Tales of New Babbage" - (grammophone session)
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): DJ Nymlet

12. April:
12pm SLT (8pm gmt): Highlights and Steampunk freebie Market (presentation)
1pm SLT (9pm gmt): raffle
2pm SLT (10pm gmt): DJ Maddrax Nightwish + Medival Special

Your Airship-Taxi is waiting for you!

Oh and before I forget: The post from yesterday was of course an April Fools' Day-Joke :p

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