25 February 2014


Airship Factsheet: Something to learn by heart and pin it over your bed!

Instead of making a long list of features and design-details of the soon-released Airship Daedalus, I found it a much nicer way to provide you with a kind of poster-something, telling you the same in a more entertaining way - enjoy!

And because change is good I was making a few other things too. You might sense a slight wasteland-bias here:

Wastelands Floor Clock: Oh, its already past apocalypse!

It flies nicer than it looks: Wastelands 2-Seater Biplane.

Emma designed these lovely amps - she is quite a rock chick! :-)

Wastelands Mesh Guitar Amps: They might have seen a tour or two already - and the occasional nuclear attack of course!

Steampunk Mesh Guitar Amps: Steam up your sound!

My personal favorite: Mesh Guitar Amps in classy red leather :-)

As usual you can find these items at the Drow Science Store on the Marketplace!

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