18 February 2014

Heaven And Hell - Welcome To The Dark Gate!

A few weeks ago, Cyhtleen came up with the idea for a music club, merging metal (the music genre) and BDSM (btw a quite familiar concept).
If you ask me cages, st. andrew's crosses, pillories, leather and powerful guitar riffs just suit perfectly together and when seeing the club taking shape (and the dungeon underneath getting filled with equipment) I knew this is going to be something really cool.

Here are a few impressions from Sunday's party. More (both parties and pictures) are going to follow:

Despite the mist on the ground it was pretty hot on the dancefloor ;-)

Pretty hot!

Mr. Ebbage proudly adding some 1940's chic - or was he just too lazy to change?

Thats the advantage of being friends with the venue-owner: no dresscode :D

A decent degree of nudity is encouraged though.

Oio "volunteering" as pole-dancer.

And handcuff-model.

Sooner or later I end up on the stage too. Really volunteering though ;-) Oh, and Zen is showing serious side-effects of metal listening.

The Dark Gate has events on a pretty regular base. Feel free to come by - if you dare. To stay informed about the essential question of who will play when - join the Group :-)

And here is your ticket: Dark Gate - BDSM + Metal Club

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