14 February 2014

Because There Can Never Be Enough Airship Pictures

I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday. Cyhtleen threw a party at her club Dark Gate (I will blog about it soon, promised!) and of course I didn't wanted to miss it. Today - after some tinkering with the poses and scripts for the sofa suite - I went to New Babbage for a more proper and extensive photo shooting. As usual the place turned out to be a time-machine: Minutes turned to hours before I even noticed ;-)
It was great fun and since its been a while since I was there last time, I did spot many new and interesting things there.

I think there isn't a more suiting (and cool) way of approaching the city than with an Airship.

Yes, definitely!

Over the rooftops of New Babbage

Seems the winter still holds the city in its grip.

Floating over New Babbage's Harbour.

Passing one of the many Lighthouses.

The view from the stern.

The Airship making friends with some other "biggies" ;-)

The shooting today felt a bit like rediscovering the ship after spending most of the time on it spotting errors before ;-)
Its just lovely to see it floating majestically and gracile through the landscape. A feeling I will be able to share very soon!

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