5 February 2014

Steampunk Airship - Work In Progress

Since uploading the mesh and doing the maiden flight I had lots of opportunity to spot little things here and there which need to be fixed (mostly mapping issues really) and to consider further improvements.
The first really obvious change you can see in the picture below. A much more detailled - and steampunky - envelope hull with netting, shading and curlicues - because... I can! (well, because I learned how to do it, actually).
Anyway, it adds definitely to the ships overall look, doesn't it?

The Zeppelin's new netting! Did you know that the word "nett" means "nice" in German?
Well, it certainly is nice!

Veronica sugested adding a more posh set of seatings to point out the ships venetian  gondola look instead of the rather profane benches I use so far, so I'm working on a nice suite of sofas now. It surely will fit well to the new texture and the passengers will surely apprechiate the new seats too :-)

Zen, who came up with the netting and curlicues also suggested adding lanterns at the sterns and other strategic places. A very good idea I will pursue further. Also planned is a freight-version with lots of clutter... ermm goods instead of the sofas (well, plausible, isn'it it?). But the benches will see a revival on this one - much more suiting!

The next update will (hopefully) either show the new lanterns or the suite - stay tunes :-)

I like the name "Daedalus" for it more and more - let's say its at least its "unofficial" designation now!

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